Friday, August 26, 2005

Moon on the Rise

I've always used Lonely Planet travel guides religiously, but the third edition of Moon's Oaxaca Handbook might have turned me into a convert. I took the new Moon Handbook along on my recent trip to Oaxaca and was really impressed by the thorough job done by its author, Bruce Whipperman. Service listings are extensive, and there is oodles of well-researched information on history, geography, culture, archaeology, and little-visited destinations. Whipperman's writing is clear, concise, and peppered with interesting facts and asides. The book is also liberally illustrated with his funky black-and-white photos. My only real complaint is that the maps are not indexed, a shortcoming shared with other Moon Handbooks. Lonely Planet still produces many worthwhile guides. However, if LP continues to rest on its corporate laurels and offer us increasingly bland fare, Moon will definitely be on the rise.

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