Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Moon's Nicaragua Handbook

A constant companion during my latest trip to Nicaragua was the Moon Handbook Nicaragua (Avalon Travel Publishing, second edition) by Randy Wood and Joshua Berman. This highly recommendable guidebook is thorough and well-researched. Its authors show an impressive knowledge of Nicaragua's history, politics, and culture. They also supply a lot of good information on ecotourism and volunteering opportunities in Nicaragua. The maps are not indexed and consequently somewhat difficult to decipher (a shortcoming of all Moon Handbooks). Otherwise, it's by far the best Nicaragua guide currently available.

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GMG said...

I was posting some pictures from a Mexico trip at my Blogtrotter 80s blog and decided to surf the Net to find any affinities. Amazingly I found your interesting blog, and actually a post on the La Venta Park. Liked a lot!