Friday, December 05, 2008

Gracious Granada, Nicaragua

According to an old saying, "Granada is Nicaragua; the rest is just mountains." Anyone who has traveled in Nicaragua knows this to be hyperbole. Nonetheless, this handsome Spanish colonial city on the shores of Lake Nicaragua has evolved into the country’s unofficial "tourism capital." In October, I made my third visit to Granada since 1998 and was happy to find that it has not yet become a victim of its own popularity. New hotels and restaurants keep popping up, and the inevitable tour buses have arrived. However, the city retains its tranquil atmosphere, plus strict building laws ensure that all restoration work and new construction adhere to original colonial designs. With its dignified churches, elegant plazas, colourful facades, and ubiquitous horse-drawn carriages, Granada promises to remain one of the most charming and photogenic cities in Latin America.

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Granada, Nicaragua - Images by John Mitchell

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