Friday, July 09, 2010

One Hundred & One Beautiful Small Towns in Mexico

Every once in a while I come across a book about Latin America that is so inspiring I feel compelled to spread the word. One Hundred & One Beautiful Small Towns in Mexico (101 Beautiful Small Towns) by Guillermo Garcia Oropeza and Cristobal Garcia Sanchez is just such a work. Published in 2008 by Rizzoli International Publications, this generously illustrated coffee table book introduces readers to some of the most alluring places in Mexico. Spanish colonial towns, seaside villages, and even pre-Hispanic ruins are grouped by geographic regions, and almost every state in the country is represented. Lively text giving detailed historical background accompanies the eye-catching photos. Plus an appendix lists addresses of state and municipal tourism offices, hotels, and restaurants, making this a guide that should appeal to both armchair and active travelers who have a passion for Mexico.

Here is slide-show of some of small and not-so-small towns that I have visited in Mexico. Move the cursor over the screen to view captions. Click on individual  photos to see larger versions and for information about ordering prints or downloading files for personal, editorial or commercial use.

Small Towns of Mexico - Images by John Mitchell

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